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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions.

When will the event/campsite officially open?

The event will open for all bike riders on Wednesday May 20 12:00

What bikes can enter the Super Rally?

Our tradition is clear. Harley-Davidsons, Indians and Buells are the only bike brands that are allowed to enter the FH-DCE Super Rally® event area. Not any other. That is how it has been decades, and that is how it is now. All the other brand bikes should be able to guide to the designated parking place of “foreign brand bikes”.

Where can I buy tickets 

There will be an online pre-sale held at the end of year 2025. 

Ticket can also be purchased at the entry at the main gate upon your arrival.

What´s included in the Super Rally ticket fare? 

The fare EUR 85 per person includes the entrance fee, breakfast, tent camping fee as well as present for every attendee.


Can cars enter the camp site?

Cars are not allowed to the camp site unless they hold a special organizer permit to enter.


Can I enter the Super Rally without a motorcycle?

Of course, anyone is welcome to enter the event at anytime. However if you plan on arriving by car or with another bike brand, you will have to leave it outside the campsite.

Are kids allowed to the Super Rally?

Yes, kids are allowed to enter the campground.  Below the 15 years of age they can also enter the event free of charge.


Can I bring my caravan / recreation vehicle?

It will not be possible to camp with a caravan or mobile home in the area.


How does it work with tent camping?

Tent camping is free of charge (already included in the entrance fee) and will be organized on a first come, first served basis in terms of space available at the camp site. No worries, there is plenty of room for everyone.

Are dogs and animals allowed to enter?

No dogs or other animals are allowed into the campsite unless approved by the event organiser.

Traffic rules...

The Danish traffic rules apply in the entire area. The alcohol limit in Denmark is 0.5 There will be an opportunity to be tested on the site before riding your motorcycle

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